Spooky Girl Ghost Appears In Students Party Snap

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

This photo shows the ghostly apparition of a spooky little girl in white floating next to a group of students as they pose in fancy dress.

According to reports, students from the Mixed Normal School in the city of San Luis in the central Argentine province of the same name dressed in costume for a promotion taking place at the local bowling alley.

However, the event was cancelled at the last moment after the bowling alley was forced to close for unknown reasons.

Pictures Credit: CEN

Despite the cancellation, the dolled-up students decided to take a group picture outside the venue.

When they checked the photo, the students noticed an eerie white apparition floating next to them that resembled a little girl.

In the snap, the students are seen in costume on the pavement as a spooky figure appears to be floating in front of a parked car next to them.

According to local media, the father of one of the students claimed that the image shocked many students and teachers while the cameraperson said that no one manipulated the picture.

Many netizens were also freaked out by the ghostly photobomb, with ‘Gustavo Akade’ commenting: “You can clearly see it, zoom in.”

‘Cacho Riso’ said: “A girl in white. It is definitely there!”

‘Yolanda Colombo’ wrote: “It is someone’s reflection on a shiny car.”