Burglars Leg Amputated After Pit Bulls Rip It To Shreds

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A suspected burglar has had his leg amputated after being attacked by a homeowner’s two pet Pit Bull Terriers.

The two dogs face being put down but a petition has been started to save them, who many see as having done nothing more than protect their master. It has received over 462,000 signatures.

The incident took place in the Los Polvorines district of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires and has sparked lively debate as the owner of the dogs was charged with causing serious injuries.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

Local media report the alleged burglar, who has not been named in reports, had broken into the property when he was confronted by the two Pit Bull Terriers.

Reports state that neighbours called the emergency services after hearing barking and screams of pain from the property and local media outlet Clarin report that when officers arrived they found the man almost naked with injuries all over his body.

The dogs had reportedly torn his clothes off and the injury to his leg was so bad the bone could apparently be seen.

The man was rescued from the dogs and taken to hospital where he underwent surgery to amputate his left leg.

He has been charged with attempted robbery and breaking and entering. The female owner of the dogs has also been charged with causing serious injuries and calls have been made to have the two dogs, named Roco and Yana, put down.

A petition was then started on change.org asking for the dogs to be spared. The petition, which has collected over 462,000 signatures, reads: “We ask for justice for those pit bulls which attacked a thug when he was illegally breaking into a house. Private property and they attacked in defence of their owners. No to the sacrifice of Roco and Yana.”

A neighbour told local media: “The dogs are the lady’s pets. People go and touch them, they are not aggressive. There is a school nearby and the kids touch them. I have never heard about them attacking anybody.”

Jorge Cancio, the Secretary of Security of the Malvinas Argentinas Partido, said to local media that the investigation against the woman is not going to continue and that “to put down a dog it should have rabies or be dangerous, and that is not the case. Besides, the woman has all the necessary security measures at her house to keep them”.

Ana Lacasa

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