Huracane Eta Causes Chaos In Honduras

Story By: Darko ManevskiSub-EditorJoana Mihajlovska, Agency: Clipzilla
Video Credit: @PoliciaNacionaldeHonduras/Clipzilla

This is shocking footage of the Eta hurricane striking Honduras with force and destroying everything in its way and causing havoc, leaving at least three dead.

The footage was recorded in different areas throughout Honduras, located in Central America, during its passage.

Picture Credit: @PoliciaNacionaldeHonduras/Clipzilla

The set of videos, posted by Honduras police on Facebook, show a wide variety of scenarios that the natural disaster is causing.
Video Credit: @PoliciaNacionaldeHonduras/Clipzilla

One of the videos shows visibly strong winds and huge waves in the coastal area.

More footage shows a jungly area with water coming out of the deep forest and an entire water flow that almost surrounds the police and people there.

There is also another video in which police officers patrol through a flooded area with water covering their ankles.

Picture Credit:@PoliciaNacionaldeHonduras/Clipzilla

Another one shows a little business at sea level that it is constantly hit by the big waves.

While another video shows families and kids reaching for safety trying not to get their belongings wet.

And one shows a palm tree that has fallen due to the strong winds which is in contact with an electricity cable, causing a fire.

On the last videos, massive quantities of water flow under a destroyed bridge.
Video Credit: @PoliciaNacionaldeHonduras/Clipzilla

More information will be revealed in the following hours.

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