Spectators Jump For Their Lives As Race Car Crashes Through Barrier

This is the moment terrified spectators jump for cover as a 200 mph track supercar worth nearly GBP 1 million smashes through a barrier on a hairpin bend.

Video footage of the incident shows the V10-engined FV-Frangivento GT65, said to be worth about EUR1 million (GBP 865,000), desperately trying to slow down to make the turn on 17th September.

But as it roars into the bend with its tyres screaming the car smashes straight through the crash barriers and only narrowly misses the spectators.

As they run for cover the GT65, which does 0-60mph in three seconds, misses them, by less than a metre according to local media, before slamming into a parked hatchback.

Local media in Belluno, in northern Italy’s Veneto region, named the driver as the car firm’s founder Giorgio Pirolo, tackling the winding Pedavena-Croce d’Aune hill.

Both Pirolo and his co-driver were uninjured in the smash but the car was reportedly a write-off.

Supercar crashes during competition in Belluno, Italy in September 2023. The car hit in parked vehicle. (CEN)

The company said in a statement on Instagram on 20th September in English: “Frangivento is heartened to know that the crew escaped unharmed from the Asfane car present as a forerunner at the Pedavena Croce d’Aune.

“The safety cell designed by Frangivento protected the passengers from the strong impact.

“Frangivento attempted to brake after the straight.

“But the dips in the road before the curve, the flat bottom of the car created [a] ground effect.

“The car did not respond with the ABS when it lifted. In the head-on impact towards the public, the driver and co-founder Giorgio Pirolo tried to take the supercar towards the woods.”