Sneak Thief Caught After Smart Bell Sends Pics To Home Owner Who Calls Cops

A sneak thief was caught red-handed after pinching packages from a porch and a squad of police officers flooded the area and nabbed him as he tried to flee.

The homeowner called police when his mobile phone sent him an alert from his doorbell camera, and he then spotted suspect Francisco Jose Eder Mateo, 27, stealing parcels from his home in Yonkers, New York State, USA.

In the footage recorded on 3rd January Mateo is seen loading up his rucksack with stolen deliveries before calmly walking away.

But within moments the homeowner had seen the footage remotely and called the police who rapidly tracked down Mateo in the street.

Police bodycam footage shows Mateo running away as he’s challenged by officers but he doesn’t get far as a have-a-go-hero trips him up and sends the thief flying.

Photo shows Francisco Jose Eder Mateo, undated. He was arrested. In Yonkers, New York, on Wednesday, January 03, 2024. (Yonkers Police Department/Newsflash)

Seconds later more officers arrive and pin him to the ground as the footage ends.

Mateo was later charged with grand lancery and criminal possession of stolen property. He was later released without bail.

Police Drone Foils Plant Machinery Theft Chasing Away Suspects

Following the arrest Yonkers Police released the video on Facebook, and said. “Christmas may be over, but the spirit of the Grinch is still alive in some people.”

They continued: “This video shows what happens when everyone works together seamlessly to stop crime.

Photo shows Francisco Jose Eder Mateo stealing packages from a porch. In Yonkers, New York, on Wednesday, January 03, 2024. Good Samaritan helped the police to catch the man. (Yonkers Police Department/Newsflash)

“A resident sees a crime and quickly calls it in allowing officers to get on the scene quickly. Officers flood the area to ensure the suspect can’t get away despite his attempted fleeing. Finished off by a Good Samaritan who saw an opportunity to help our officers capture a suspect and took that opportunity – right to him.

“To any future thieves planning to commit these crimes in Yonkers – pick somewhere else.

“Our residents, officers, and city employees will not stand by and allow you to victimise people in this city.

“You will be apprehended and delivered to the court system to answer for your actions.”