Skinny Boffin Crafts Iron Man Suit For Super Strength

Story ByConor SheilsSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This skinny strongman – who has managed to lift a 1.6-tonne car – did it using an Iron Man-style exoskeleton and now he wants to bring Tony Stark superpowers to the masses.

Small-framed Wang Chao managed to lift the huge motor in China thanks to help from the external structure, which was dreamed up by boffins in a bid to give workers super strength to lift heavy objects.

The 29,000-RMB (3,262-GBP) suit – which weighs just 5.6-kilogrammes is said to allow users to carry an extra 30 kilogrammes at waist level.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Speaking about the project, Wang said: “Humans need to self-evolve from carbon-based life to silicon-based life. The exoskeleton, as a low-cost solution to physically enhance the capabilities of the human body, is just an entry point.”

The hi-tech invention works using sensors to learn the movements of users and a motor responds within a millisecond to any movement.

The video shows the suit being used to pick up an 80-kilogramme Thor-like hammer.

Wang has high hopes for the future success of the super-human suit, which has already peaked the interest of retailers in China.

He told local media: “Just like phones, everyone will need one… because of the limitation of our body. For example, if you can run 70 miles per hour, you don’t need a car.”

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