Older Man Tried For Sex With Dead Nurse After Murder

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A 51-year-old man allegedly murdered a pretty nurse who was his friend and then tried to have sex with her body before photographing her naked after she rejected him.

A court heard that Boh Soon Ho, 51, had made friends with student nurse Zhang Huaxiang, 28, and he hoped that the friendship might develop into something more. He told cops that he spent money on her for years and had expected something in return – but instead he ended up with “nothing”.

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In a statement he told police: “I questioned myself why did I provide for her and spend money on her for the past four to five years and yet I ended up with nothing.”

When he spotted her with another man, and she admitted she was seeing him, he became angry and jealous, and invited her to his flat where he made advances that were rejected, and as a result he allegedly killed her.

Pictures Credit: CEN

The court heard that the young Chinese woman had been doing her hair when he attempted to seduce her, and she told him he was “crazy”, telling him in Chinese to “go away.”

They had been friends since she was a student nurse and continued the friendship after she qualified and started working at a local hospital.

They had apparently met when they were both working in the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore, where she was a waitress and he was also working in the cafe.

After she rejected him, he then allegedly tried to drag her into the bedroom using a headlock, and when she said she was with another man, he allegedly strangled her with a towel.

He allegedly told the High Court that he had then attempted to engage in sexual intercourse with the woman’s corpse, saying: “Since (the woman) had died and I had never seen her naked before, I decided to undress her.”

Coffee shop worker Boh said that after he undressed the corpse he tried to have intercourse with it, but he was reportedly not able to perform. As a result, he put a blanket on the corpse and then fled back to his home in Malaysia.

He was tracked down however when the landlord discovered the body, and police persuaded the landlord to contact his former tenant to find out where he was, and Malaysian police were then called in to arrest him.

The case continues and if convicted he faces either life or a death sentence.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Wong Kok Weng has described the killing as being motivated by rage and jealousy.

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