Man Riding Bike While Holding Drip Infusion Is Filmed

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Video Credit: AsiaWire / Queyi

This video shot by a passing motorist shows a man riding a bicycle while at the same time struggling to keep a drip infusion in the air using his free hand.

The footage was reportedly shot at the end of last week on a road in Qinzhou City, which is in Guangxi Province and was posted online by Weibo user Queyi.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire / Queyi

The footage shows the man filming from his mobile phone as he travels past a cyclist in a black T-shirt and yellow shorts with the intravenous drip in his left hand. He is only steering using his free right hand.

Posting a note about the man’s attempt to keep the infusion running by holding in the air he noted: “Watch the master bicycle rider travelling down the road while receiving a drip infusion. Whether you admire him or not, I certainly do. This is not something an ordinary man could achieve.”

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire / Queyi

He said he was unsure what the reason for the infusion was but added: “I guess he was ill and should have been staying in hospital. But he must have had something urgent to solve and he can’t afford for a taxi. I guess that’s why he is riding with drip infusion.”

Weibo user ‘Wuya’ commented: “I guess there were circumstances that forced him to be under this much pressure, but who would choose to be so busy!”

And ‘Wuhui’ seem to criticise the driver for not offering the man a lift, saying: “Life is hard. When you are sitting in a car, and you see someone riding their bike while holding a bottle for a drip infusion!”

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