Skidding Lorry Knocks Out E-Bike Rider At Crossroads

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


This is the moment a lorry driver trying to rush through an orange light loses control, skids and then crashes sideways into an unsuspecting electric bike rider on a street corner.

Traffic camera footage from the city of Zhangzhou in China’s eastern province of Fujian captured the moment the unnamed lorry driver was forced to brake and swerve while trying to avoid cyclists at the other end of the crossroads.

In the clip taken on Danxian Road, the lorry rushes into the junction during an amber light with just three seconds left before it turns red.


The driver swerves and skids when cyclists suddenly appear ahead of him on the zebra crossing.

The out-of-control lorry spins 180 degrees and crashes sideways into the e-bike rider who is waiting to cross a road on a street corner.

The lorry sends the victim flying off the e-bike onto the ground, but serious injuries are believed to have been avoided thanks to a nearby traffic light stopping the crashing vehicle – which also hit a small tree.

The e-bike rider was treated at a local hospital and is understood to have been discharged since the crash on 3rd March.

The incident was still being investigated at the time of writing, with the lorry driver expected to be held fully liable for dangerous driving.

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