Sisters Electrocuted In Swimming Pool While Rescuing Child, 9

Two sisters have died after they rushed in to rescue a nine-year-old child from a swimming pool that had apparently become live because of faulty wiring.

Vanessa (left) and Maria (right) Alvarado Romo pose in undated photo. They died from electrocution inside a swimming pool, trying to save a 9-year-old, in Tequila Mexico, (Newsflash)

Vanessa and Maria Alvarado Romo, 27 and 31, died from being electrocuted in the family pool on a farm in Tequila, in Jalisco, in Mexico, on the afternoon of Sunday, 10th September.

They had been trying to save a 9-year-old, who has not been named, who was in the pool when they started to receive electric shocks.

One of the sisters rushed into the pool to rescue the child but she too ended up in difficulty, with the other sister then getting into the water to help both her sister and the child.

The two sisters managed to rescue the child, but were unable to save themselves.

Distressing images show the emergency services at the scene, with the two sisters lying on the ground after being removed from the pool.

Picture shows the bodes of Vanessa and Maria Alvarado in Tequila, Mexico, undated. They died from electrocution inside a swimming pool, trying to save a 9-year-old. (Newsflash)

The child survived and was taken to hospital.

It was later determined that an electrical fault with the pool’s lighting and heating system was to blame.

Both sisters were pharmacobiological chemists. Vanessa had been married since 2018 and had a young daughter.

The local community has been left deeply moved by their tragic deaths, with a wake being held for them on 11th September.

The authorities cordoned off the pool and are investigating the sisters’ deaths.