Selfie Woman Dies Electrocuted In Bath By Charging Phone

Story By: Anna Casap, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This young selfie-loving Russian woman has died tragically after taking her mobile phone with her into the bathroom – and dropping it in the water while it was charging.

As a result, 26-year-old Evgenia Shulyatyeva suffered a massive electrical shock and was dead when she was eventually found by her parents at her home in the town of Kirovo-Chepetsk which is in Kirov Oblast region, in the north-eastern part of European Russia.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Evgenia Shulyatyeva

Her social media account is full of selfies and pictures of her with her mobile phone, and when she went to take the bath she made the fatal decision to take it with her and put it on charge, and it then toppled into the water.

Local media said that she had apparently tried using the phone while in the bath and then had dropped it into the tub.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Evgenia Shulyatyeva

Investigators are currently trying to work out whether the phone and charger had the proper safety measures and whether the electricity cut out instantly. Some reports suggest she had been killed instantly.

The girl’s lifeless body was later discovered by her parents, who had come to visit her, and an autopsy confirmed she died from electric shock.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Kirov region is however still investigating and a final report has not yet been repaired.

The victim was expecting to celebrate her 27th birthday on 3rd October next month, and had recently graduated from the socio-economic faculty of Vyatka State University, which is the leading university of the city of Kirov.

The make and model of the phone and charger are currently unknown.

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