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Screaming Primary Kids Sent Flying In School Bus Smash

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment adorable primary school kids are thrown from their seats after their school bus was hit by a jeep and sent spinning off the road.

The accident took place in the district of Merkezefendi in the south-western Turkish province of Denizli and was filmed by cameras on the minibus.

In the footage, two smiling girls are seen on the bus before suddenly flying out of their seats.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The driver is also seen disappearing from his chair after reportedly failing to wear his seatbelt.

Pieces of the bus fly off as it appears to swerve across the central reservation and onto the other side of the road.

In the next scene, distraught kids are heard screaming as the two girls seem to get to their feet and the driver runs through the bus to check on the injured.

According to local media, the bus was hit by a jeep driven by Adil Kabaca who was pulling out from a side street.

Reports said that 14 people were injured, including 10 youngsters, both drivers, a teacher and one parent.

The injured were taken to a nearby hospital where they are said to be in a stable condition.

Meanwhile, the police have confirmed that they are investigating the crash.

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