Man Jumps In Runaway HGV To Stop Mountain Road Crash

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This is the moment a motorist who spots a runaway lorry on a mountain road hops out of his own car to chase after it before climbing into the cab and stopping it just in time.

Liu Wenzhong, 42, has shared dashcam footage from his car showing the moment he spots the fully loaded heavy good vehicle from behind as it inexplicably strays into the opposite lane.

Liu, who works as a crane driver, just manages to overtake the lorry before it hits a concrete crash barrier and begins rolling downhill without stopping.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The footage from the town of Daxue, which is in the coastal city of Wenzhou in East China’s Zhejiang Province, shows Liu sounding his car horn in a bid to alert the lorry’s driver – but there was no one inside.

Liu takes matters into his own hands by parking his car on the two-lane mountain road and sprinting after the out-of-control articulated lorry.

He manages to catch up to the tractor and opens the passenger-side door to jump in the cabin, with the lorry being stopped seconds later as he slams on the brake.

He called: “After I accelerated past the lorry, I realised it wasn’t braking and began scraping against the concrete barrier.

“In my rear-view mirror I saw a person lying on the ground on the road behind me. That’s when I understood it was the lorry driver – and that there was no one in the cabin.

“I was afraid the lorry would cause an accident, so I accelerated, stopped my car and then started running after it. I grabbed the handle of the passenger-side door, then jumped in and braked.”

Reports have since revealed that the lorry’s owner, surnamed Guo, had noticed his handbrake was unresponsive.

He parked the heavy goods vehicle on the side of the sloped mountain road and put a wooden plank in front of one of the tyres before climbing into the undercarriage to inspect his brakes.

However, his lorry began rolling downhill and ran over his left leg, breaking it and leaving him screaming on the ground.

Guo is being treated at a local hospital and said he was “grateful” for Liu’s “heroic” actions.

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