Sadistic Torture Nanny Jailed For Murdering Nursery Tot

Story By: Anna Guran, Sub EditorAlex CopeAgency: Central European News

This sadistic nursery nanny who tortured children so severely that one of them eventually died has been jailed for 17 years and 18 months.

A court in the biblical Israeli city of Lod some 15 kilometres (nine miles) southeast of Tel Aviv heard that nanny Inna Skibenko had carried out the most horrific abuse of the children which had gone unnoticed until one of the youngsters died. 

The judge also revealed it was the first time ever in Israel that a nanny has been convicted of murdering a child in her care.

Pictures Credit: CEN

Those in the courtroom reportedly began to cry when details of her abuse were detailed by the prosecution. 

Prosecutors alleged she would beat the children as they lay on the floor, would throw them across the room as well as shake, spank and drag them around. In one incident a child was thrown into a seat, and others had their heads covered with blankets or on one occasion a bucket, according to reports.

Blonde Skibenko, originally from Ukraine, was jailed on the basis of unintentionally killing one-year-old Yasmin Vint in the nursery in the neighbouring city of Petah Tikva after her lawyers successfully argued that despite the abuse she had not intended the child to die.

Her parents rejected the killing was unintentional based on the shocking details of the attack in which she first of all grabbed the girl by the hand and lifted her up into the air, shaking her as she did so before throwing her onto a mattress near another child of a similar age.

She then threw a sheet over the two children, wrapping it tightly around their faces and lay on top of it, wriggling to press them to the ground when they struggled to get free.

Having made herself comfortable lying on the children, she then proceeded to play with her mobile phone and even had it connected to headphones which she had put into her ears.

Some 10 minutes later, she climbed off the mattress and seeing that Yasmin was not moving, instead of raising the alarm she simply covered her body and continued playing with her mobile phone. The tiny body lay inert for an hour and 50 minutes before another nanny discovered it and raised the alarm. The exact cause of death is unclear.

In a plea bargain deal, she agreed to plead guilty to the unintentional killing as well as several other incidents of assault on other children in a move which angered the dead girl’s parents who are originally from Moldova. As well as the jail term she was also ordered to pay compensation of 120,000 NIS (GBP 27,000) to the parents of the dead little girl.

As sentencing was passed, an angry crowd gathered outside chanting “murderer” when the judge Ami Kobo read the indictment describing the circumstances of the crime.

The judge said: “The accused pleaded guilty and claimed responsibility for the crimes. As far as we know, in Israel there has never been a case where a nanny killed a child. “

The prosecutor’s office had requested a punishment of 20 years in jail and Vladimir Vinta, the father of killed Yasmin, said the sentence was too lenient. 

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