Prisoners Emerge From Hole After Tunnelling To Freedom In Brazilian Jailbreak

Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorLee Bullen, Agency: Newsflash

This is the moment 11 prisoners emerge from a hole in the ground to escape from prison through a tunnel they had dug themselves.


CCTV footage recorded the prisoners escaping from the Pato Branco Public Prison in the municipality of the same name, in Brazil’s southern Parana state, on 10 November.

The tunnel the prisoners had dug led to the street running alongside the prison on one side and a health centre on the other.

Their excavation led to a subterranean water reservoir, which facilitated their escape, providing them with ample space.


Since their escape, five prisoners have been recaptured. The police have warned locals to look out for people wearing muddy clothes.

The police believe the suspects may have had support from the outside, and that the remaining suspects may have fled in a getaway vehicle. They are already investigating one person they suspect of having facilitated the jailbreak.

The police will conduct a count of the number of prisoners currently in the jail in order to confirm the number of escapees.


The same prison hit the headlines earlier this year when sixteen prisoners tunnelled their way out of it in August. At least one was recaptured.

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