Russians Film Eerie Triangular UFO Above Shopping Centre


This footage shot in broad daylight shows three points of white light described as a UFO as they form a triangle that then begins to rotate in the sky above a Russian city.

The footage was taken in the Russian town of Tomsk, one of the oldest in Siberia, which is also an educational and scientific centre with six universities, and most of the time exists with subarctic weather conditions.

But there were blue skies when this video was shot showing the three balls of light in the sky, that appeared to be synchronised as they rotated above a car park outside one of the city’s shopping centres.

Contacted for a comment on the phenomenon, Tatyana Galushina, an associate Prof at the Department Of Astronomy and Space at Tomsk State University (TSU) said there were a number of explanations.

She said it could be that it was a reflection somehow from the sun off an object, or a quad copter although normally this would be accompanied with sound. If they were floating lanterns of some sort she said this could also be possible as the wind would ensure the moved in sync.

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But she also added that it could be entirely possible that they were also faked, although not yet provable. She had however that with so many people currently isolated as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it was possible that some of them were looking to pass the time with experimental videos.