Russian Playboy Star Maria Liman Bemoans Lack Of Men During UK Lockdown

Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska,  Agency: Newsflash

Stunning Russian model Maria Liman – who found fame as a pretty-faced spectator at the 2018 World Cup – has revealed that lockdown in London has left her without the chance to buy dresses, meet men or go on dates.

Russian Playboy model and Instagram Liman, 26, who commands a loyal army of 1 million Instagram followers, told Newsflash: “I am going through lockdown the same as last time. I am now sitting at home, studying online and preparing for exams, I need to learn a lot of text for a Shakespeare performance. I hope to take part in the production in the summer.

“It is very difficult to study online as I am always distracted by the fridge and bed right next to me. At the end of the day, my eyes hurt from the computer screen. Waking up in the morning, I feel tired, but when the weather is fine I try to go for a run.


“If I didn’t have to study then I would have probably gone to Moscow because there is nothing to do in England during the pandemic. All my friends left here.

The dreamy footy fan, who said she supports Chelsea FC, revealed: “During lockdown, I realised that I am a very sociable person. I really miss personal interaction.

“I was in Dubai for my birthday and I could not believe that there are still countries that largely remained open. All the restaurants were open and no one was worried about the pandemic.


“One day I should have flown from Dubai to London, but the UK closed its borders and flights were cancelled so I had to pay GBP 5,000 to travel to Russia and from there to London.

“Right now I really want to return to Russia but I am afraid of flying anywhere.”

Maria, who moved to London in 2019, told Newsflash: “Nothing interesting is happening in the UK, many people have become ill here. I honestly think when lockdown is over, many people will be left with serious mental health issues.


“Also during quarantine, I am not able to meet men or go on dates. I also want to go shopping, I need new dresses, and I’ve already forgotten how to walk in heels.

“I created an OnlyFans page because Instagram has tightened its terms of use and a lot of my photos have even deleted. I am worried they’ll end up deleting the page.

“On OnlyFans I can post snaps in my underwear, these are the kind of pictures my male followers like. I can also communicate personally with every one of my subscribers.”


The gorgeous Russian model also told Newsflash that she recently starred in a film called ‘Long Therapy is Inevitable’ and that there is no information online about the movie yet.

She added: “I have put a lot of work into training to appear in English-language films and remain working in London.

“In fact, I am so busy right now with classes and rehearsals that I don’t even have time to watch Chelsea games and follow the Premier League.”

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