Hero Bride Opens Up On Leg Amputation And Death On Day Of Wedding

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

A Russian bride who lost a leg and at one point was declared dead after being hit by a car on the way to discuss her wedding plans has recovered and even managed to have her wedding.

And not only that but Alla Bochkovskaya, 35, who was injured in a car accident in the Russian city of Novosibirsk, where she lived with her then-fiance, now husband, Alexei, has even managed to start a family with him.

Alla Bochkovskaya, 34, who lost her leg after being hit by a drunk driver just weeks before her wedding in Novosibirsk, Russia. (@allabocha/Newsflash)

In an interview with Newsflash Alla said she was driving to a friend’s home to talk about decoration plans for her wedding when her car broke down.

She was getting an emergency triangle from the boot of her car when she was violently hit by another vehicle being operated by a drink-driver, according to reports.

Alla said that her right leg was broken in half and “looked like jelly” while her left leg was crushed from the knee down, adding that it was very painful as there was a lot of exposed wounds and blood loss.

The 35-year-old said several people stopped their cars to see what happened before she was saved by a motorcyclist who used his jacket and belt to help stop the woman’s bleeding and secured her legs together.

Alla said she insisted that her unnamed saviour called her fiance before the ambulance arrived because she felt she would die and she wanted to see Alexei one last time.

The last thing she remembered was being placed in the ambulance and fainting just as she saw her fiance go through the ambulance doors behind her.

Alla woke up at a hospital two days later, and for the weeks leading up to the wedding, she was given a constant supply of pain medication and even witnessed several patients next to her die as she was kept in the intensive care unit.

She added she was deeply saddened by the fact she wouldn’t be able to have the wedding she had always dreamed of. However, Alexei was determined to make the marriage happen and organised for registry officials to go to the hospital to officialise the union.

However, on the same day as her wedding, Alla fell unconscious after a vein in her leg burst before doctors found an infection that seriously endangered her life.

She was then rushed to the operating room and had asked the surgeons if they could save her leg, but was told they were trying to save her life.

Alla told Newsflash that she lost her leg during the surgery and was even clinically dead and revived by doctors at one point.

She then went through a gruelling recovery process and learned how to walk again with her prosthetic leg.

She said she kept her prosthetic limb a secret from people except for friends and family for eight years until a director at a prosthetic centre told her “there is no need to ashamed”.

Now Alla tries to motivate other people with similar problems.

Alla, who is a marketing manager, decided to start her own online page which has quickly amassed a following of 14,000 users.

She encourages others with her story and posts snaps of her proudly posing with her new prosthetic leg.

She has been with her devoted husband Alexei for 13 years and they have been married for the last nine years. They have a five-year-old daughter together.

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