Roly Poly Fair Goer Leaps From Broken-Down Ride

This is the bizarre moment a burly funfair-goer drops from a broken ride onto a crowd below after panicking when he was left dangling 25 feet in the air.

Video footage from the fair in Ipala, Chiquimula department, Guatemala, on 23rd January. Shows the man stuck in a ski lift-style gondola.

As he lifts the safety bar, he wriggles forward on his backside tilting the gondola at an impossible angle.

Clinging onto the cabin until the last moment with his T-shirt riding up over his tummy, he finally lets go and drops down.

With his weight leaving the gondola, it pings back up in the air almost tipping out the other rider.

Panicked man jumps from amusement park ride. In Ipala, Chiquimula in Guatemala, Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024. After showing some mechanical failures in the middle of the ride people feared that the ropes holding the gondolas would burst and it would collapse. (CEN)

Underneath a crowd of well-wishers stand with outstretched arms waiting to try to catch him as he jumps as the footage ends.

Local media reported that there were fears that the cable car ride could collapse. Three riders were injured leaping to the ground.

When rescue teams arrived paramedics transferred the three people to Chiquimula Hospital.

Police and safety officials are investigating why the ride broke down.