Poor Pooch Found Locked In Suitcase In 28c

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Video Credit: CEN/@refugiodontorcuatooficial

This is the poor dog that has been found locked inside a suitcase and left under the sun in 28-degree heat.

An unnamed girl reportedly spotted something moving inside the suitcase which had been dumped on the streets of the Recoleta neighbourhood of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

She called a police officer over and they found the female dog inside the suitcase struggling to get out.

Picture Credit: CEN/@refugiodontorcuatooficial

Local media report the female pooch had been left in a suitcase under the sun on a 28-degree day and in the video they can be seen giving it water.

Local media report they also gave the struggling pooch food but the dog was in shock and did not eat nor drink.

They contacted several animal organisations when Patricia, who runs the Refugio Don Torcuato shelter, answered and went to the scene.

Picture Credit: CEN/@refugiodontorcuatooficial

Patricia told reporters: “The person who called me was very nervous, and although it took time to find a person to take care of my shelter, I could go there to help with the first aid of the dog that we called Clarita.”

She took the dog to the Faculty of Agronomy at a local university where vets tried to save its life as it was suffering from heatstroke.

However, the pooch died the following day.

Reports state the dog was 10 years old but it is unclear who left it in the suitcase.

Patricia has asked the authorities to check the CCTV cameras in the area in order to find the culprit.

She said: “The case is under investigation and I am in contact with the prosecutor. This case hurts me a lot and I am devastated”.

No arrests have been reported.

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