Orphan Bear Cub Released In Nat Park With GPS Collar

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This is the moment an orphan bear cub is released into the wild with a GPS collar after it was found wandering alone by Spanish environment officials.

The six-month-old cub, which weighs 6.7 kilogrammes (15 lbs), was released in the Fuentes del Narcea National Park in the northern Spanish region of Asturias.

The young bear was found wandering alone at the Naviego River in Cangas de Narcea, and environment officials were unable to locate its mother.

Presuming the cub had become separated from its parents or even orphaned, officials caught the animal to carry out checks at a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

The cub was confirmed to be healthy and fitted with a GPS collar before being released to a spot close to where it was found.

The Asturias government said in a press statement obtained by Newsflash: “The orphan bear has been released in the national park in a safe location close to where it was seen the last time.”

Newsflash/Principado de Asturias

The video shows the moment the cub dashes from the animal carrier along a stream.

The GPS collar will allow experts to follow the cub’s movements and make sure it is adapting well.

The local authorities said that there has been a surge in the number of bear sightings in the region in recent years and that it is becoming more common to find cubs alone.

The situation can occur for a number of reasons, but cubs are usually found alone between the end of spring and autumn time when many are between five and nine months old.

Ana Lacasa

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