Firefighters Reunite Fluffy Ducklings With Mum

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Newsflash

Credit: Newsflash/@OttFire

This is the heartwarming moment Canadian firemen release a group of fluffy ducklings into a pond where they are reunited with their mum after being rescued from a storm sewer.

The touching scene was recorded by firefighters from station 37 in the Canadian capital of Ottawa after local residents warned the four ducklings were stuck in a storm sewer.

The firefighters managed to save the little ducklings and they then began looking for their mother, who they found in a nearby pond.

In the clip, the ducklings can be seen in a shoebox after their rescue and a firefighter lowers them down to the water’s edge.

Credit: Newsflash/@OttFire

The fluffy gang jump into the water and can be seen looking around them before they head straight towards their mum who comes swimming towards them.

The little ducklings stay close to their mum and the clip then shows the happy firefighters as they say “hey reunited”.

The video was uploaded by the Ottawa Fire Services with the caption: “Need a mid-week smile? Firefighters from Station 37 were able to successfully reunite a group of ducklings with mama duck Sunday morning. After rescuing the ducklings from a storm sewer, the mother duck was found in a nearby pond. Watch them re-unite.”

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