OnlyFans Star Has Erotic QR Code Tattooed On Her Face

This is the moment an OnlyFans star has the QR code to her profile page tattooed on her face with her graphic catchphrase “Do you want to see me naked?”

The footage shows erotic content creator Martina Oliveira from Brazil getting inked by tattoo artist Leo Smidt. Who said that this was the most unusual tattoo he had ever done in his career.

The images, reportedly shot on Thursday, 8th February, show Martina having the tattoo applied to her left cheek.

Smidt applies a sticker with temporary wet ink on it depicting the QR code onto her face so he knows where to tattoo the permanent ink.

Martina Oliveira poses in undated photo. She tattooed the erotic profile QR Code on her face. (@privatinaovr/CEN)

The images then show Martina, who has over 432,000 followers on Instagram alone. Calmly sitting back as the tattoo artist does his magic, inking the QR code onto her face along with the words “Quer me ver pelada?”. Which is Portuguese for “Do you want to see me naked?”

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After she shared the footage online. Some netizens questioned whether or not the tattoo was real while others mocked it.

One netizen joked. “It would be really funny if the QR Code expired or the website she put on the QR Code changed the domain.”