Naked Artist On D1ldo Bike Hopes Every Woman Can Оrgаѕm

Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Newsflash


These images show a provocative Swiss artist on her Dildomobile bicycle which gave her an orgasm while she was riding it through a German city for an hour.

Swiss artist Milo Moire told Newsflash that she still uses it too, wearing a “slightly longer dress” “while stimulating herself” so that she can “enjoy her orgasms in public.”

She added that she hopes “every woman could have such a unique and liberating climax while cycling.”

But she admitted that it was “physically exhausting to ride without a saddle”, adding: “My thighs were burning. At the same time, I felt free like a bird while stimulating myself with the Dildomobile. I didn’t care about it when I let my orgasm run wild.”


The art stunt took place in the city of Dusseldorf in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and involved provocative Milo riding this bicycle fitted with the device instead of a saddle.

Milo did this latest art project with art partner Peter Palm. She said her new performance pays homage to female sexuality and cycling, after she “converted her bike into a dildo vehicle.”

She told Newsflash: “My art partner Peter Palm is a professional photographer. He rebuilt my bicycle into a Dildomobile using special photo equipment technology. In addition, two cameras were attached to the bike to allow a close-up experience. The reconstruction was pretty tricky and took several hours.”

The voluptuous artist rode her bicycle through Dusseldorf for an hour, saying that she stimulated herself during her little urban tour, adding: “A woman can have an orgasm anytime, anywhere.”

She told German newspaper Express that numerous passers-by were confused by her “Dildomobile” and added: “Most have only seen a naked woman on a bike. Who expects a dildo seat?”

She told Newsflash: “In general people had a peaceful mood with a lot of summer feeling that day. Most of them reacted very surprised but relaxed and smiled at me. Some paid no attention to me. But then you could see in the camera that they had secretly turned around for me. Sometimes I recognised a shocked face. One woman almost fell off her bike.”


Milo Moire is a Swiss artist and model who is known for her nude performances and for using her body in her art. She is known for breaking the boundaries between art and pornography.

Moire, 37, was born in Switzerland, of Slovak and Spanish origin, but works from Dusseldorf, Germany. She has a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Bern (magna cum laude). She told Newsflash that she is fluent in Spanish thanks to her mum but her mother tongue is German.

Asked how she came up with the idea for this latest project and which one of her projects she thought was the most extreme, she said it was one of her “sexual fantasies as a woman” and also spoke about a project she had done in London a few years ago.

Speaking about the idea behind the Dildomobile, she said: “It was one of my sexual fantasies as a woman. I’m interested in turning everyday situations like a bicycle tour into a sexual and liberating adventure – manifesting a free world.


She added: “I think my Mirror Box Performance in London at Trafalgar Square was my most extreme performance yet. I let strangers touch my vagina. This interactive, very intimate part was a huge challenge for me.”

Milo was arrested in London in 2016 for allowing people to touch her vagina while placing their hands into a mirrored box around her waist.

Speaking about being arrested in London, Milo told Newsflash: “It was terrible! The police treated me like a terrorist. The feeling of being locked up and not knowing when and whether I could leave the prison was extremely gruelling. I cried, I was freezing cold in the prison cell and the sensory deprivation of staring at walls felt inhumane. Nevertheless, I would do it again because the message of the Mirror Box Performance is just too important.”

Milo says today’s art is asexual, and that as a result, it is all the more important for the focus to be on our natural instinct in an experimental way.

She told Newsflash: “Today’s art is asexual. Nobody dares to do anything politically incorrect these days, and art especially is ‘over-clean’. My purpose is to bring sex back into art, especially from a woman’s perspective.

“In my artwork I experiment with the female orgasm in a playful and and also in my own humorous way without any taboos.

“My erotic installation Dildomobile shows that every woman have the right to have an orgasm whenever and wherever she wants it. She should not give a sh*t about what others think.

“It’s a natural, deeply human need.”


Speaking about what made her want to become an artist, she told Newsflash: “I have always been creative and after my diploma in teaching followed by my master’s degree in psychology, I finally listened to my inner self.

“In the end it became so loud that I trusted my decision to make one hundred percent art without compromise.

“[Serbian American conceptual and performance artist] Marina Abramovic and [American visual experimental artist] Carolee Schneemann were crucial influences to start performance art.

“And I guess without my art partner Peter Palm, who always motivates and supports me, I wouldn’t have the power to create my provoking artworks.”

She added: “My art partner Peter Palm and I are a perfect match. Nevertheless, I’m open to working with other artists like [American artist] Signe Pierce or the so-called grandmother of performance art Marina Abramovic.”

Asked by Newsflash what her loved ones think about her art, Milo said: “When I started they felt ashamed but now they react very relaxed. Sometimes they are even proud of me. I think they realised how much effort it must take to do something almost nobody tolerates. They don’t really understand why I’m doing it but that’s not important because they love me and want to support me mentally.”

Asked by Newsflash what happened to the Dildomobile after the art project, Milo said: “I still use it! At weekends I put on a slightly longer dress on while stimulating myself during my Dildomobile bike tour. Like this I can enjoy my orgasms in public too without causing a big sensation.”