Muslim Dad Who Slashed G4y Son In His Sleep Jailed For 11 Years

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Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

These are the shocking injuries suffered by a gay Iraqi teen who survived having his throat slashed by his devout Muslim dad who has since been jailed for 11 years.

The 17-year-old, identified by local media as Seran M. to protect his identity, was attacked by his father at their home in the central-western Swiss canton of Bern.

According to the teen, he woke up with his dad Dogan Z., 54, standing over him holding a knife with a 27-centimetre blade against his throat.


The unnamed father then screamed at him “you are gay, you are gay?” before slicing his throat with the blade, according to reports.

Seran, who is of Iraqi descent, told local media: “I have always hidden my homosexuality from my family.”

Despite being aware of the contentious issue in his religion, the teenager said that he still cannot understand how his own father could have done such a thing.

Seran believes he survived the ordeal by pure luck after managing to fight off his dad, who is a devout Muslim, with his hands and feet before jumping over the balcony.

Local media said that neighbours called the emergency services and Seran had to be flown to the University Hospital of Bern due to the severe injuries to his throat, chest, back and arms.


Seran told reporters: “Fortunately, my father missed the carotid artery, but the trachea was badly injured. I had to be put in an induced coma.”

The gay teen lost over a litre of blood and had to breathe with the aid of a respirator.

Six months after the shocking attack, the teenager lives alone in a different area of the Swiss canton of Bern, the second largest in the small landlocked country.

However, due to the heavy scarring on his body, he said that he is constantly reminded of the incident.

Seran told the court: “Every day when I look at my face in the mirror I see the scars. I feel as if I look horrendous.”

The gay teen, who admitted he is undergoing professional help to get over the emotional scars of the attack, said he is now “a freer person than before” the incident.

He added: “My mum is ashamed of what happened. But I hid for long enough, this is the end of that now.”

The gay Muslim teen said the attack prompted him to share his story on social media and positive reactions quickly flooded his Instagram profile.

He made the pictures public on his Instagram profile. (Newsflash )

One netizen commented: “Some people said I was ill because I was homosexual, saying ‘you are gay, you deserve it’.”

Seran wants to encourage other LGBT people with an Islamic background to seek advice and stand up for themselves, adding: “Get help if you want to come out [as gay].”

When he posted images last year he said: “We are living in 2019 and my dad wanted me dead because I am attracted to men. I just cannot accept that.”

He also said that it is vital homosexuals are not oppressed by family members.

The father has since been jailed for 11 years following the attack on his son.

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