Details Of Teen Models Murder By Older Ex Come To Light

Further details of the shocking case of the teen model who was killed by her older ex-boyfriend in Brazil have emerged.

It is claimed that 19-year-old victim Lorrayne Damares da Silva, who was carrying BRL 8,000 (GBP 1,154) in cash on her at the time of her death, had planned to undergo plastic surgery, and had sex with the perpetrator shortly before she was strangled to death.

Silva’s decomposing corpse was found by the Paraiba River in the Brazilian municipality of Sobrado on the morning of 20th December.


It was found in a thicket underneath a bridge the day after her ex-boyfriend, 32-year-old Kennedy Ramon Alves Linhares, was named as the prime suspect behind her disappearance.

Silva had been missing for a week after she went with her ex to a guesthouse in the nearby municipality of Lucena where she was last seen alive.

It was there that Linhares is believed to have strangled Silva to death following an argument between the pair, who had known each other for three years.


Linhares was arrested after his vehicle was identified by the police in the municipality of Eunapolis in Bahia State, some 21 to 22 hours’ drive south of the murder scene.

He was transferred by the police to Paraiba State capital Joao Pessoa where he reportedly confessed to the crime and revealed where he had dumped his ex-girlfriend’s body after murdering her.

Silva’s body was subsequently removed from the scene with the help of the fire brigade, and Linhares was placed in preventive detention.


It has since emerged that Silva had been living in the city of Goiania in the west-central Brazilian state of Goias following her breakup with Linhares, who had been in a relationship with the model since she was 16.

Despite their breakup around one month prior to the crime and Silva’s relocation, they had remained in contact and Linhares had picked Silva up at the Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport that serves Joao Pessoa.

The model was allegedly carrying BRL 8,000 (GBP 1,154) in cash and she had planned to spend the money on an unspecified cosmetic procedure.


She had also planned to spend New Year’s Eve with her family, who reported her as missing after she landed in Joao Pessoa.

According to the police, the pair had sex before Linhares admitted he was unable to accept their breakup or the teen’s lifestyle. He then allegedly asked Silva to give everything up to be with him.

The conversation then turned into an argument and Silva is alleged to have slapped Linhares.


It is then that Linhares is believed to have grabbed Silva by the neck and strangled her. He then dumped her body near the Paraiba River.

Linhares caused further suspicion amongst Silva’s relatives by deactivating his social media accounts, prompting the authorities to investigate him, eventually leading to his subsequent arrest.

He remains in preventive detention as the investigation continues.

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