Mum Dumped Before Xmas Kills Two Little Girls And Herself After Burning Down House

A woman unable to accept the end of her relationship in a Christmas bust-up that saw her husband walk out has killed her two daughters and burned down her house before killing herself.

Jessica Silva Nascimento poses with daughters in undated photo. She is suspected of setting fire to a house and killing her daughters in Parnaiba, Brazil. (Newsflash)

The woman has been named as Jessica Silva Nascimento, and she reportedly drowned her two young daughters Alice and Leticia, ages not reported. In the sea in Parnaiba, on the coast of Piaui, in Brazil, on Wednesday, 20th December.

Police reportedly received a call about a fire at the home at about 10:30 pm.

Officers, together with firefighters, went to the home and found farewell letters addressed to her ex-partner Paulo. And a woman who was her best friend named Tatiana.

Cops Help Murder Conviction Of Woman By Former Partner

Police said that after starting the fire, she had got on a motorbike and driven with her daughters to the sea. On Pedra do Sal beach, where she then drowned both of them.

She then went to a bar and started drinking, before then taking her own life.

Alice, 5, and Leticia, 10, pose in undated photo. Their mother is suspected of setting fire to a house and killing them in Parnaiba, Brazil. (Newsflash)

The Fire Department was called as the children were found unconscious, lying in the sand and alone. Alice and Letícia were taken to Nossa Senhora de Fatima Hospital in a critical condition but did not survive.

Hours later, the body of Jessica Silva was found near the bar although no details were given as to how she died.

According to the Military Police, there are messages indicating that she did not accept the end of the relationship with her then partner, identified only as Paulo.

The investigation is ongoing.