Moment Steed Smashes Dentist’s Glass Door And Wall After Getting Spooked By Own Reflection

This is the moment a horse kicks the glass door to a dentist’s office with such force that it smashes to the floor and breaks part of the wall as well after it apparently got spooked by its own reflection.

The incident took place in Sao Luis do Piaui. In the state of Piaui in north-eastern Brazil, on Sunday, 4th February.

The CCTV footage shows the horse, with a belt around its neck, apparently catching sight of its own reflection in the glass and freaking out, turning its back to the entrance and kicking it hard.

Chunks of brick fall to the ground before the horse takes another shot at the glass door. Sending it crashing to the floor and smashing into smithereens.

Other security footage caught the moment the horse hit the glass so hard that it toppled to the floor and smashed.

Horse kicks dental office door in Piaui, Brazil. Sunday, Feb. 4, 2024. The scene was recorded by the clinic’s security cameras. (CEN)

The dentist, named as Conceicao Sousa, told local media that it will cost BRL 3,000 (GBP 476). To repair the damage but the animal’s owner said that he could not afford it.

She added that her mother had called her because the neighbour had driven away a horse that was breaking the office door.

She said: “I think he had a toothache!”