Boy Riding Horse Down Road Slams Into Vehicle

This is the moment a child riding a horse down the road slams into the back of a car at speed in Brazil.

CCTV footage from Porto Real do Colegio, Alagoas State, shows how a mounted horse gallops down the road at full speed.

Hot on its heels comes another horse being ridden by a child.

However, the lad is apparently unable to stop his animal from galloping straight towards a parked car.

He can be seen falling off the horse a split second before the animal crashes into the back of the parked vehicle with an audible bang.

After the collision, the horse starts walking away but is immediately grabbed by a man on the pavement.

The lad can be seen picking himself up and clasping his side in evident pain as he limps back down the tarmac.

A child riding a horse is thrown into a car in Porto Real do Colegio, Brazil, on Saturday, May 20, 2023. Motorcyclist passing by at the moment stopped to help the boy. (CEN)

An approaching motorcyclist then stops to check if he is OK.

Local media said that the incident took place on 20th May and that the car involved in the collision was a Chevrolet Celta.

At the time of reporting, there had been no update about the boy’s state of health or whether the horse was injured in the collision.

The lad’s identity was not reported.

Horses are not a common mode of transport in urban areas or major cities in Brazil.

However, in rural areas and some small towns, particularly in agricultural regions or remote areas, horses are still used for transportation.

Porto Real do Colegio has an estimated population of around 20,000.