Massive Wild Boar Smashes Huge Mansion House Gate Off Its Hinges

Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

This is the moment a powerful wild boar is startled by a huge lorry and smashes through a massive iron gate, knocking it off its hinges and it then continues to run even when the gate topples over onto the panicking animal.

The footage was shot in the grounds of a mansion on the outskirts of the prefecture level city of Huzhou in northern Zhejiang province, in China.

A motorcycle can be seen coming down the road and then seconds later, the massive wild boar is seen running after it and then behind that, a huge green truck can be seen.

Wild boar breaks iron gate in Huzhou, China. (w11221122/AsiaWire)

The vehicle does not seem to be braking at all and just before it hits the boar, the massive animal swerves off to the side and barrels into the huge metal gate, striking one of the panels at the bottom.

The force with which the animal hits the gate is so strong that it smashes the panel open, allowing the boar to dash through into the courtyard, but at the same time it knocks the gate off its hinges with a loud crash.

As the wild boar powers into the yard, the dislodged gate then topples forward and lands on the animal, which continues to run and it jumps over another wall and into a field on the other side.

Wild boar breaks iron gate in Huzhou, China. (w11221122/AsiaWire)

The cause of the damage was only discovered by the homeowner when he looked at the footage to try to work out how his gate had ended up smashed to pieces.

He then also found the wild boar hiding in the nearby field and it was chased back into the forest.

Local media warned that wild boar have caused extensive damage in rural communities of late and there have also been several injuries of people as a result of conflicts with the animals.