Maradonas Daughter Reveals Drug Coma Hell

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

Picture Credit: Golders/@dalmaradona

Diego Maradona’s daughter Dalma – who he has credited with helping him to stop taking drugs – has claimed her sister also helped and asked him “please do not die” when he was in a coma fighting for his life.

The comments from football legend Maradona’s oldest daughter and Argentine actress Dalma Maradona, 32, came during an interview with Argentine TV programme “Los Angeles de la Manana” broadcast by Canal 13 Argentina.

When speaking about her childhood during the time of Maradona’s drug abuse, Dalma said: “He knew if he came home he would have to be in a good state because Dalma was waiting at the door.

“Waiting for him when he got home at three in the morning. He knew if he was not well, I would completely ignore him.”

Maradona’s drug abuse reportedly lasted from the 1980s to 2004 and caused serious health problems which led to him going into his coma and fighting for his life.

Picture Credit: Golders/@dalmaradona

Speaking about that difficult time, Dalma said: “People would tell me ‘Well, I do not know, we have to wait, we do not know what can happen’.

“His doctor at the time told us ‘We do not know if he is going to die or not.’”

Maradona, 59, eventually came out of the coma and was able to stop his drug abuse problem and has publicly credited Dalma almost entirely for making it possible, however, she seemingly disagrees saying: “It was not just me.

“Gianinna (her sister) and my mum too. It is like he (Maradona) said, my sister would ask him to please do not die, flat out.”

Dalma’s interview comes after a one-hour special Maradona starred in with Argentine sports channel TyC Sports earlier this week where he said: “Nobody should put on a medal for taking Maradona out of drugs.

“Dalma took me out of drugs. Dalma would tell me Gianinna (Maradona’s youngest daughter) would come to me where I was in a coma every day after school.

Picture Credit: Golders/@dalmaradona

“She would say ‘Dad, I want to have what you had with Dalma, that is why I want you to wake up.’ Dalma told me that when I woke up and that is when I said never again. Never again.”

Maradona is currently the manager of top-flight Argentine club Gimnasia Esgrima-La Plata and has recently confirmed his plans to stay after he nearly left due to changes in the club’s front office.

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