Man’s Evening Meal Ruined After Wall Plaster Falls From Ceiling Into Bowl Of Hot Pot

A man who had hoped to treat himself to a nice warm dinner at home wound up going hungry after a piece of wall plaster from the ceiling fell right into his hot pot.

Video footage captured with the unnamed man’s phone shows the comfort meal sizzling in the large pot placed on what appeared to be a small plastic table in the kitchen of his home in Jilin. A north-eastern Chinese province bordering North Korea and Russia.

But it quickly turned into a very unappetising sight after a massive piece of wall plaster tore off from the ceiling and landed directly in the food.

The man said that was quite angry since he had just added all the shrimp and other ingredients he was eager to taste into the hot pot.

A large piece of wall covering falls into a man’s hot pot while eating at home. In Jilin, China, undated. That happened just after he poured all the meat into the pot. (191207765/AsiaWire)

With most of his dinner ruined, he chucked the entire dish into the bin.

He shared his frustration with netizens on Douyin. The Chinese version of TikTok, complaining in the caption. “I never thought the stuff I see on social media could happen to me.”

He added that what was even worse was the lengthy clean-up after preparing all the food he did not get to eat.