Hungry Diner Finds Ceramic Tile in Hot Pot Meal

This is the moment a woman uses chopsticks to fish a broken piece of ceramic tile from her hot pot at a restaurant in southern China.

The customer, identified as Ms. Li, was with her friends when she spotted the surprise addition during their visit to the restaurant in the city of Chongqing on 4th October.

Ms. Li and her friends said they had decided to indulge in a traditional hot pot experience during their trip to Chongqing.

As they savoured the flavours of the meal, they said they had no idea they would stumble upon an unexpected surprise.

But towards the end of their dining experience, they found a ceramic tile in the hot pot.

The discovery left them both shocked and puzzled, prompting them to bring the matter to the restaurant’s attention.

A tourist finds a ceramic tile in a hotpot while eating in Chongqing, China, undated. The order’s bill was waived. (AsiaWire)

Ms. Li said she filmed the tile and then reported it to the restaurant staff who responded by waiving their bill and apologizing for the inconvenience caused.

Fortunately, no one had encountered any ill health from consuming the hot pot, but the incident understandably left the group wary of continuing their meal.

Ms. Li and her friends were also unhappy that they were left without a clear understanding of how the ceramic tile ended up in their hot pot.

This lack of information raised concerns online as well with some claiming that the ceramic tile looks a lot like bathroom tile.