Man Who Killed 22yo Ex-GF Claims He Was Joking With Gun

Story By: Peotr Tulba, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This young man has been arrested for shooting his ex-girlfriend in the head and he claims the alleged incident happened when they were “chilling out” together and he “decided to mess about with a gun”.

Neighbours in the city of Izmir in the western Turkish province of the same name called the police when they heard a gunshot from the victim’s home.

According to local media, the police and paramedics arrived, but the 22-year-old victim, identified as Tugce Baran, had sustained a fatal head wound and was already dead.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire/@mynet

The police checked the CCTV footage and identified a suspect named as Emre K., who was the victim’s ex-boyfriend.

The young man, who is now under arrest, told the cops: “I was joking around, I did not want to kill her. It suddenly happened. We were chilling out, joking around, and I decided to mess about with a gun. I really regret it.”

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire/@mynet

Reports said that he is devastated over Baran’s untimely death at his hand.

The police interviewed the victim’s neighbours who said there was never a problem between the former lovers and nobody had even heard them argue in the past, according to local media.

One resident said: “They used to be a lovely couple, nothing suggested a problem between them. I always admired them.

“I am so sorry to hear about Tugce Baran, she was a very friendly neighbour. I would never have imagined that Emir could do that.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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