Cop Dragged Down Road Holding On To Fleeing Drivers Car

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a brave cop is dragged down the road clinging to the side of a fleeing suspect’s car who had refused to stop for a traffic inspection.

Traffic officer Zhao Qing stopped suspect Qi Xiangfei on 22nd October after he allegedly failed to slow down at a zebra crossing and nearly ran over a pensioner.

The policeman from Zhaotong, a city in south-western China’s Yunnan Province, had just asked for the driver’s documents when he suddenly drove off again.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Zhao recalled: “It happened after 8am while I was on duty.

“I saw a vehicle failing to stop for a pedestrian, flagged it down and asked for the motorist’s licence and registration.

“I stuck my hand through the window to get the documents, but the car suddenly drove off.

“My arm was stuck in the window as the driver swerved left and right, carrying me about 200 metres (656 feet) before slowing down.

“I had just managed to stand back up when he drove off again, carrying me through rush hour traffic until he could go no further because of a traffic jam.”

Footage taken on Zhaotong Avenue in the city’s Zhaoyang District shows the officer’s shoes skidding along the road as the white saloon car pulls him along.

Zhao eventually collapses to his knees when the car, which averaged 40 kph (25 mph), finally slows down and stops.

Arriving officers arrested Qi at the scene, and took Zhao to a local hospital where he was diagnosed with non-life threatening soft tissue injuries.

The suspect told investigators he panicked after being stopped by the cop, and tried to escape to avoid a traffic fine.

He remains in custody and faces charges including obstruction of justice and injuring a law enforcement officer.

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