Man Who Kidnapped And Shot Mum Of One Ex On Mother’s Day Arrested

A man accused of kidnapping a mother of one on Mother’s Day before she was found shot dead in the boot of a car has been arrested and linked to the disappearance of another woman over a decade ago.

The suspect, who has been named as 36-year-old Jamere Miller, was arrested on Monday, 15th May after allegedly kidnapping Patrice Wilson, 29, as the nurse left the Detroit Receiving Hospital, in the US state of Michigan, on Saturday.

The police said that Miller kidnapped Patrice at gunpoint at around 7:40am. Wilson was walking to her car after finishing her shift at the hospital when she was kidnapped. The suspect was reportedly wearing a blonde wig at the time before forcing her into her own car and speeding away.

Her dead body was found in the boot of her SUV later that day near her apartment.

Miller had allegedly previously tried to break into her home in Detroit in 2021, as can be seen in this footage. Despite wearing a mask, the victim recognised him and called him out on his attempt, asking him why he was wearing gloves.

Miller, who surrendered to police on Sunday, has also been linked with the disappearance of another woman, named as Bianca Chanel Green, a 24-year-old nursing student who went missing in Romulus, also Michigan, over a decade ago.

Miller, it has now emerged, had dated Bianca and had a child, Jamere Jr, with her before her sudden disappearance in 2011.

Her uncle, Keith Green, said: “It’s a lot to stomach.”

Photo shows Bianca Chanel Green, undated. She reportedly went missing in Romulus, Michigan, on March 25, 2021. (NamUs/Newsflash)

He added: “We all never gave up hope and we tried to give Jamere the benefit of the doubt.”

But now Miller, who reportedly has a long criminal history of gun and drug offences, among other crimes, is accused of killing Patrice, with Keith saying that they had always suspected foul play when it came to Bianca’s disappearance.

He said: “She would have never left Jamere Jr, that was her Velcro. She would have never left her son.”

Roslind Livingston, Patrice’s mother, had said on Sunday: “It’s Mother’s Day, and she is not here to be with her son. Her son cannot hold her and say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ today. That bothers me.”

Roslind explained that Patrice and Miller had dated but she added: ” She has been trying to get away from him.”

She added: “She knew he was toxic to her.”

The investigation is ongoing, with Detroit Police Chief James White saying that they are working with Romulus Police to compare their investigations.