Brazilian Model Is First Mum Crowned As Miss Universe Hopeful

A 27-year-old mum-of-one has become the first winner in Brazil’s Miss Universe heats under new rules allowing mothers and wives to compete.

Renata Guerra poses in an undated photo. Renata recently won Miss Universe Goias 2023. (@renataguerraotoni/Newsflash)

Renata Guerra – who has a three-year-old daughter – has been modelling since she was just 15 years old.

But she gave up beauty pageants when she married husband Rafael Abreu and fell pregnant with daughter Samira four years ago.

Strict rules at the time banned mothers or married women from taking par

Now Renata has returned to the contest and won the Brazil Miss Universe heat in her state, Goias, on 7th May after a drastic rule change scrapping the ban.

She’ll go onto compete in the Miss Universe Brazil 2023 finals later this year and could even get to the world contest.

Renata – from Anapolis – explained: “I never thought there would be a possibility for mothers to participate in pageants.

“When I saw [the change], my heart warmed up, the flame reignited, but it took me some time to decide if I would participate.”

And she sad after her win: “It was an unforgettable and historic night. It will certainly be remembered in the memory of Goias, Brazil, and especially mine.

Renata Guerra poses in an undated photo. Renata recently won Miss Universe Goias 2023. (@renataguerraotoni/Newsflash)

” I was so ecstatic that I couldn’t express my best emotion, and even now, it hasn’t sunk in.

“I’m very happy, very committed to representing Goias well in Miss Brazil.”

Renata’s daughter, Samira, was present at the finale on 7th May.

She said: “Every time I walked on the catwalk, she would applaud me, and that gave me a tremendous courage and strength.”

Miss Goias coordinator Raffael Rodrigues said: “People still face resistance because I believe they don’t put themselves in the other’s shoes to limit their dreams.

“Many still stick to the standard of one word, but we need to evolve and show the world that age does not limit us to dream, [and neither do] social class, or sexual orientation.

“It’s still too early to talk about favorites, but I dare say that Renata will not go unnoticed, she has a different sparkle in her eyes, a giant heart and a whole story that needs to be told to the world.

“The beautiful Renata who people are getting to know, she is even more beautiful inside and we are going to do our best for her to be Miss Universe Brazil 2023.”

Renata Guerra and her daughter pose in an undated photo. Renata recently won Miss Universe Goias 2023. (@renataguerraotoni/Newsflash)

Officials have still not disclosed Miss Universe Brazil’s finale date, but revealed that the award will exceed BRL 150,000 (GBP 24,400).

In addition to the crown and a place at the world’s Miss Universe, the winner will sign a contract worth BRL 150,000 (GBP 24,400).

Brazil’s most beautiful woman of 2023 will also win a holiday trip abroad and other prizes worth BRL 50,000 (GBP 8,100).

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