Cartel Enforcer Arrested For Allegedly Killing Her Boyfriend And Hiding Him Under A Pile Of Concrete

A woman belonging to a notorious Mexican cartel suspected of murdering her boyfriend and hiding his body under a pile of concrete has been arrested by authorities.

Dayana, nicknamed ‘La Diabla’, poses in undated photo. She was arrested for the murder of her partner, that occurred on April 13, 2022, in Toluca, in May, 2023. (FGJ/Newsflash)

Dayana N. more commonly known as “La Diabla”, was seized by Mexican authorities after an investigation was launched into the death of her ex-boyfriend.

According to the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office, she was part of a notorious cartel group.

In a statement obtained by Newsflash, the Prosecution Office confirmed: ” “La Diabla” has ties to a criminal organization with origins in the state of Jalisco, dedicated to the sale of drugs, kidnapping, and human trafficking in the northern area of ​​the city of Toluca and the neighbouring municipalities”.

Her arrest was prompted by the death of her ex-boyfriend, who allegedly was beaten and suffocated by her and other criminal associates in Mexico City in April last year.

His body was later discovered hidden in a pile of concrete in the same location.

A preliminary investigation suspected “La Diabla” of the crime and the Judicial Authority was asked to issue an arrest warrant against her.

However, she soon disappeared, going into hiding by changing her identity and moving into the state of Nuevo Leon, in the northeastern part of the country.

She also traveled sporadically to the state of Mexico City, which ultimately led to her arrest by authorities.

The Attorney General’s Office reported their findings regarding the arrest in another statement obtained by Newsflash, saying: “Her capture and those carried out in September 2022, when seven members of this criminal group were arrested, made it possible to locate five bodies of their probable victims buried clandestinely in the community of San Cristóbal Huichochitlán.

“As well as the arrest made last March of Edgar “N” alias “Minimi” and/or “Chaparro” and/or “Rebelde”, identified as the alleged leader of this criminal group.”

Authorities revealed that “La Diabla” was placed in detention following the arrest, pending trial.