Man Dies After Suffering Heart Attack While On Top Of Palm Tree

The devastating video shows a man being taken down from a palm tree after he suffered a heart attack while collecting palm nectar.

Smartphone footage recorded in the city of Bhuvanagiri. In the Indian state of Telangana, depicted a man carrying the victim identified only as Lakshmayya, down to the ground on 17th January.

Lakshmayya had suddenly suffered a heart attack and died on top of the canopy, where he climbed to collect neera, a sap extracted from the inflorescence used as a refreshment.

Indian media revealed that upon suffering the deadly medical emergency. The man fell and hung upside down until authorities arrived on the spot to bring his body down.

The clip showing him being taken down from the tree triggered an avalanche of comments by netizens on the social media platform X. Who did not refrain from expressing their sympathies in the comment section.

X user ‘@dr_mvreddy’ said: “Oh God! How bad. Some of these professions are always life-threatening.

“Even now, the government should supply machines to easily climb and descend the palm tree without risk workers.”

Then user ‘@KampellyVe34252’ commented: “So sad, oh my God!”

And ‘@vasuk6’ added: “Rest in peace.”

The video has reached more than 36,000 views as of 19th January.