Shocked Woman Told She Had Been Dead Since 2017 By Docs

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

This pretty Russian woman who called her doctor to book an appointment was shocked to be told that she had been listed as dead since 2017.

Alina Vysniauskaite from the city of Kaliningrad in the Kaliningrad Oblast in northwestern Russia said on her now-deleted Instagram account that the bizarre incident began when she tried making an appointment with a local doctor.

Vysniauskaite said that when she was trying to make an appointment online, the system showed her the following message: “The service is unavailable post mortem.”


Surprised by the mistake Vysniauskaite went to the clinic herself and was told that she has been listed dead for the past three years, since her last visit.

The note in her medical card says that she had died in 2017 from liver cirrhosis and prior to that she had suffered from alcoholic hepatitis in 2016.

The note in her medical card came as a shock as between 2017 and 2020 was a regular patient of a pre-natal department which is part of the same clinic and she had even given birth.


The woman said that there were a number of strange notes in her medical card, including visits to doctors in different cities, hospitalisations which she never had, and having received an unspecified disability status.

Vysniauskaite had not lost any of her identification documents and reports state there is no other person in the entire Russian Federation with the same name, so was confused how a mistake could have been made.

She plans on reporting the incident to the local prosecution office and find out who the person who had seemingly used her name for visits was.

Shortly after sharing the information Vysniauskaite deleted her social media accounts and is yet to comment further on the development of the incident.

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