Man Arrested For Attempting To Bribe Patrol Officers

A man was arrested after a brazen attempt to bribe police officers who caught him committing a traffic violation while driving an uninsured vehicle.

Road Patrol Service (DPS) officers of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) in the Oktyabrsky district foiled the driver’s attempt at an illegal cash bribe on a highway near Orenburg, Russia.

While on duty on the, DPS inspectors pulled over a 37-year-old foreign driver.

Upon checking his documents, the traffic officers discovered that the driver was operating the vehicle without mandatory insurance.

In an attempt to avoid administrative punishment, the driver tried to bribe a DPS inspector from the Traffic Police Department with RUB 1,000 (GBP 9.8).

The officer warned the driver about the criminal responsibility for offering bribes to officials.

However, the man persisted and placed the money in the documents.

He then exited the vehicle and was subsequently detained by law enforcement officers.

The man could be facing up to a year in prison if convicted.

The case is currently under investigation.