Man Empties Out Entire Weapon At Cops During Traffic Stop

This is the dramatic moment a man gets taken into custody after an intense exchange of fire between him and officers doing a traffic stop.

The suspect – later identified as Demond Buchanan, 45 – was driving around in a white Chevy Tahoe that was being investigated for narcotics activity in the 3000 block of Dickerson Pike in Nashville, in the US State of Tennessee on 4th April.

Police reportedly attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle but Buchanan tried to flee.

They disabled the Tahoe when he failed to stop.

As the vehicle came to a rest, Buchanan got out and opened fire at the officers.

The three officers fired back at Buchanan.

Buchanan unloaded an entire magazine from a pistol as he fired at officers, according to police.

Body-cam footage obtained by Newsflash from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department – which released it on 5th April – shows responding officer taking cover as they were fired upon.

Picture shows Officer Michael Quinn’s point of view of an incident that occurred on Dickerson Pike, in Nashville, Tennessee, on Tuesday, Apr. 4, 2023. The suspect, Demond Buchanan, 45, had more than a dozen warrants out for his arrest. (Metropolitan Nashville Police Department/Newsflash)

No injures were reported.

Buchanan was taken into custody.

Authorities say that he had 13 outstanding warrants prior to his arrest.

In all, Buchanan was booked on 17 charges, including several counts of Aggravated Assault on a First Responder in connection with the shooting.