LUX GETAWAY: Gang Steals Six Luxury Cars From Chicago Auto Dealership

Detectives with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police are investigating a large-scale burglary in a Chicago suburb after a gang of thieves stole six luxury cars from a local dealership.

CCTV footage shows the gang breaking into the car dealership after smashing a window and entering the property to steal several car keys.

After taking possession of the keys, they walk back outside and search for the corresponding vehicles.

The offenders set off the business’ security alarm system during the process but managed to flee before police arrived.

Upon arrival, officers met with the business manager, who stated six luxury vehicles were stolen, including a blue in colour 2014 Audi S7, two blue 2017 Audi Q7s, a blue 2018 Mercedes Benz GLS 450, a white 2019 Mercedes Benz E300, and a black 2014 Maserati Ghibli.

Oak Park Police recovered the abandoned 2014 Audi S7, which has been turned over to the Cook County Criminalistics division to be processed.

The investigation is currently ongoing.

Cook County Sheriff’s Police Detectives have encouraged local residents to come forwards with any information they may have regarding the incident.