Brad Pitts English Artist Pal Kills Self And Partner

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A close friend of Brad Pitt has been found dead after apparently killing his partner who was the mother of his child, and then calling his daughter to confess before killing himself.

German police have confirmed that British artist and photographer Saul Fletcher, 52, has been found dead at his holiday home at Rochowsee lake in the northeastern German state of Brandenburg after his daughter called to raise the alarm.

She said that her father had called her confessing to killing her mother, and she had then raised the alarm with officers in the German capital Berlin on Wednesday shortly before midnight.


Brad Pitt has not yet commented on the tragic deaths but the two friends were last photographed together at a 2009 Venice Biennale art exhibition.

Police found a woman who apparently died from stab wounds in the two-bedroom apartment in the Berlin-Moabit district of the capital, and the artist had fled apparently driving away in his Porsche 911.

He was found some four hours later in a holiday home he had on a plot of land that he owned near the picture-postcard Rochowsee lake, which is surrounded by trees and popular with both fishermen and divers.


The British man who had previously been a miner before taking up art had been living in Berlin for more than 20 years where he pioneered his unique style of photo collages.

His biography on Artspace states: “Saul Fletcher, a self-taught artist who first started taking photographs of the lush rural landscape surrounding his childhood home in England’s Lincolnshire County, is best known today for his somber, dreamlike pictures.” (

It noted that he often used the wall of his studio in his pictures adding: “Punctured and smudged, the site functions as a backdrop for countless eerie, sometimes ghoulish installations composed of old books, dried leaves, string, and animal carcasses. The resulting images are deceptively simple, despite the feelings of melancholy, loneliness, and morbidity that they so palpably convey.”


His work has been exhibited in many galleries in London, Vienna and New York where his last exhibition entitled “Don’t let the darkness eat you up!” was put on display at the Anton Kern Gallery in autumn 2018.

Police have confirmed they have opened a manslaughter enquiry. A Brandenburg police spokesman said that there was no evidence that any third-party was involved in the two deaths.

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