Liverpool Fans Seized For ‘Skipping Out’ On EUR 2k Champagne Bill

A pair of Liverpool fans have been seized by police accused of skipping out on a EUR 2,200 champagne bill before the club’s thrashing by Real Madrid.

Photo shows an illustrative image of Madrid, undated photo. Madrid is the capital and most populous city of Spain. (Newsflash)

The fans, according to local media, had ordered nearly 100 drinks for most of the women in the club in Madrid, Spain, before doing a runner.

Bosses at the club – called Commo – called the police after the fans refused to pay at around 2.30am on Wednesday, 15th March.

The two Englishmen – unnamed but said to be 52 and 49 – had told the club: “Don’t worry, we are millionaires, we’ll pay.”

The fans – labelled ‘hooligans’ in Spanish media – were seized by the National Police and taken to Madrid Police Headquarters after they allegedly tried to leave without paying and one of them became violent.

Photo shows the club named Commo, located in Espoz and Mina in Madrid, Spain, undated. Two British people were reportedly arrested for not paying their bills after drinking at Commo. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

The two customers had reportedly ordered several bottles of whisky and champagne, totalling some 90 drinks.

At first, they reportedly paid EUR 1,000 (GBP 878) for the drinks, but they continued to order more rounds, with the new bill reaching EUR 2,200 (GBP 1,932).

The two fans – who were in the Spanish capital to see the match – were detained on charges of fraud.

It is currently unclear if they were able to make it to the Champions League match.