Victim Wrestles With Thief On Speeding Motorbike

Story By: Simon Glover, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire/@VideoViralMalaysia

This is the moment a brave dad throws his arms around the biker who had snatched his gold chain and ends up being carried down the road at frightening speed.

Dashcam footage shot by another motorist shows the aggrieved man grab hold of the thief and hang on for about 500 metres until he forces the motorcyclist to stop.

The incident started when the biker snatched the man’s gold chain as he enjoyed a drink with his son at a roadside coconut stall at Taman Asean, near the town of Malim Jaya in south-western Malaysia’s Malacca state.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The video footage shows the man holding the thief around the neck while trying to climb on the back of the motorcycle seat.

Eventually, he forces the biker to stop by the side of the road but the thief had accomplices, and he is outnumbered as they square up to fight, allowing the thief to jump back onto his bike and ride off.

One of the other bikers throws something at the man and he is left behind as the four speed off down the road.

Police Assistant Commissioner Afzanizar Ahmad said police were looking into the incident.

He added that the man might have succeeded in recovering his chain had the thief’s accomplices not helped him escape.

The footage of the incident is proving popular with viewers after it was shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Netizen ‘Adawiyah Ada’ said: “It’s stupid filming that.. Why didn’t you help?”, while ‘Mohd Fadzil Mahfodh’ asked: “Why is Malaysia so like this? The economy is so bad?”

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