Murder Cops Arrest Partner Two Years After Clifftop ‘Accidnent’

The husband of a woman who plunged 100 feet to her death while posing for photos on a cliff edge two years ago has been seized by the police, who suspect him of murder.

Zoe Snoeks, 33, poses in undated photo. She died after a fall of about 30 meters when she slipped when her husband wanted to take a picture of her, in Nadrin, Luxembourg in Belgium. (@zoe_snoeks_/Newsflash)

Zoe Snoeks, 33, had been posing for a photo for her partner Joeri Janssen on a trip near the village of Nadrin, in the Belgian province of Luxembourg on the morning of 2nd November 2021. when she disappeared over the edge in 2021.

It had originally been treated as a tragic accident when Janssen told police that Zoe simply “vanished” into the chasm.

But now police in Belgium have arrested Janssen, 36, on suspicion of Zoe’s murder, according to local media.

It has emerged that Belgium’s public prosecutor in Antwerp had been investigating him since May 2022, six months after Zoe’s death.

The investigation may have been sparked by Zoe’s family having doubts over Janssen’s version of events.

The couple had reportedly suffered problems in their relationship for some time before Zoe’s death and, according to reports, he began romancing a new girlfriend just weeks after the fatal fall, marrying her less than a year later.

Joeri Janssen poses in undated photo. He was arrested two years later on suspicion of murder in Belgium. (@joeri.janssen.102/Newsflash)

Zoe’s suspicious family then filed a civil complaint with a judge in Turnhout.

Antwerp public prosecutor’s office spokesperson Kristof Aerts said: “The investigators of the Federal Judicial Police (FGP) Antwerp previously interrogated the 36-year-old friend for the first time and also visited the scene of the events.”

He added: “After further investigation, additional elements recently emerged, as a result of which the investigating judge ordered the arrest of the 36-year-old man. That happened on Tuesday morning.”

Janssen reportedly denies murder.

He had originally told police that he and Zoe had chosen the cliff edge overlooking the Ourthe River for a dramatic photo during a holiday in their camper van.

Zoe, he claimed, had warned him to watch out for their dogs, but when he turned back, she had “vanished”.

He claimed at the time: “When I turned back to Zoe, she was no longer there. She had just vanished. It must have happened in less than five seconds.

Zoe Snoeks, 33, pictured with husband Joeri Janssen, she died after a fall of about 30 meters when she slipped when her husband wanted to take a picture of her, in Nadrin, Luxembourg, on 2nd November. (Newsflash)

“I didn’t see or hear anything. No rustling, no screams or shouts. I looked up and saw only dust.

“I called her, even though I knew it was hopeless.”

Luc, Zoe’s dad, said: “This news is very hard for us as a family.”

He added that it was a “blow to now hear that he has indeed been arrested for murder.”

Luc said: “We won’t get our daughter back from this, but the important thing is that justice can indeed be done.”

The investigation is ongoing.