BF Killed GFs Crying Tot And Threw Body Off Balcony

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This beer-swilling boyfriend has been arrested for beating his pretty girlfriend’s crying three-year-old girl to death and throwing the toddler’s body off a balcony.

The incident took place in the village of Prahovo in the eastern Serbian municipality of Negotin where the suspect, identified as Zoran Albic, lived with girlfriend Vesna Firulovic, 24, and her young daughter Luna F.

According to local media, Albic came home from a night out and woke up the three-year-old girl by playing loud music.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

When the youngster started to cry, he started shouting that he could not stand the girl’s crying any longer and allegedly beat her to death.

Reports said that the suspect then threw her from the balcony when he noticed that she was unresponsive to make it appear as though the tot fell.

However, doctors noticed signs of violence on her head and arms and a subsequent police probe found the girl’s blood in the couple’s home.

Cops also found it unlikely that the three-year-old would have fallen from the balcony at 4am.

According to local media, the mother had also been beaten and sported a black eye, but she told medics that it was an accident.

Meanwhile, the suspect admitted to beating the girl but claimed that the mum took part too and she has also been detained, according to reports.

Neighbours said that the married mother and young girl moved into the suspect’s flat last month after she left her husband.

One resident told local media: “They both drank all the time. I bet they were drunk when they killed the girl.”

Husband Dragan Puric, 30, said he warned his wife that Albic might hurt their daughter one day and repeatedly begged her to come home.

Both suspects are being held in custody as the investigation continues.

Angjela Trajkovska

I am a journalist and subeditor working for Central European News.