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Male Pageant Winner Sucked Dry By Bugs In Massage Chair When He Fell Asleep

Story By: Arian MovileanuSub-EditorJames King,  Agency: Newsflash

A hunky male model has shared images of his hand and arms covered in swollen bites after falling asleep in a self-service massage chair in Singapore, unaware that it was infested with blood-sucking insects.

The winner of the Mister Landscape International Singapore 2021 posted a video of bugs apparently crawling all over the massage chair along with photos of his swollen arms and hands while claiming he was “sucked dry”.

While warning others to avoid public massage chairs, he added that the incident has gained more attention than his recent pageant win.

Man named Dane Omar showing his hand after he has been ravaged by insects living in shopping mall massage chair in Singapore in May 2021. (Dane Omar/Newsflash).

According to Dane, he spent 27 minutes in the massage chair, only learning about the insects when it was too late.

He added that he has contacted the company responsible for the chair to investigate the matter, but received no sympathy.

The male model did not name the company, but said the incident took place at the Harbourfront Centre.

Dane told Newsflash: “It was eve of hari raya (the Muslim holiday also known as Eid al-Fitr) and I wanted to get a massage. There weren’t any available times at a nearby parlour in Harbourfront so we saw this massage chair and I said ‘why not’ as it was cheap.

“I paid SGD 10 (GBP 5.3) for 30 minutes only to be sucked dry by bugs.

“It started to feel itchy on my right hand, but I wasn’t too bothered because I presumed it was just a mosquito bite and fell asleep – until it became unbearable!”

Dane Omar (32) who won Mister Landscape International Singapore early this year. (Dane Omar/Newsflash)

Dane told Newsflash: “That’s when I jumped up and saw my hands swollen and checked what the problem was and saw the cause.

“I called up the company, but they showed zero empathy for my wellbeing.”

He added: “I just won Mister Landscape International Singapore 2021, but my bedbug news got more attention than my win! I didn’t expect it to go this far.

“As of now, I am more famous for this than my recent pageant win.”

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