Influencers Whose Social Media Baby Earned Millions Is Having A Second Baby

A baby influencer whose life of affluent luxury with her influencer parents has seen millions pouring into a bank account of her own is getting a sibling who is also expected to be a millionaire before she can walk.

Little Lua Di Felice has won millions of global fans thanks to her influencer mum Viih Tube’s posts about her.

The girl helped her mum announce the news of a new baby during a TV show hosted by Brazilian broadcaster TV Globo.

The one-year-old entered the morning programme with a special message printed out on her outfit that read (in Portuguese): “Promoted to big sister.”

Viih Tube, 23, revealed she and her husband, 34-year-old Eliezer, are very happy as she showed off a visible baby bump on 29th April.

Asked if Viih’s pregnancy was already planned, she replied: “We wanted it since Lua was born.”

Shortly after, on social media, Viih Tube gave more details: “We’re pregnant again.

Viih Tube, Eliezer and Lua pose in undated photo. They are expecting their second child. (@viihtube/Newsflash)

“After three months of trying, we had the positive test!

“We’re already 12 weeks along, when I shared the journey in early April, telling you that since November we’ve been trying, I was actually already pregnant.

“But it was still too early to tell you for sure, but I wanted to share the journey anyway, even to serve as inspiration for mums who are trying and go through the frustration of negative results several times.”

According to the former reality star, they found out about the pregnancy at three weeks.

She concluded: “We are very happy, mums who are trying, believe it! Eventually, the positive result will come.”

Viih Tube and Eliezer announced that they were expecting their first child in September of 2022.

The two met shortly after Viih Tube left Big Brother Brasil 22, the Brazilian version of the Big Brother reality franchise.

Viih Tube and Eliezer pose in undated photo. They are expecting their second child. (@viihtube/Newsflash)

Lua Di Felice was born on 9th April 2023, on Easter Sunday.

She now has 2.8 million followers on her Instagram profile and is catching up fast with Dad Eliezer’s 4.4 million.

Mum Viih Tube still heads the family with more than 33 million followers.

Previously, it was reported that Lua is set to move into her new home in Greater Sao Paulo, Brazil, with her mum and dad after a year-long building project, which her online fame helped pay for.